How to make your workplace happier and more productive

Employees are the greatest assets in making a workplace more happier and productive. Without them, an organization may fail to meet its need and reach great heights. Therefore making the workplace implies the employees will be more motivated to fulfill their tasks. Without proper motivation, many feel stressed out. Therefore having a team happiness s the key to everything.

Here is a list of on how to make your workplace happier and more productive

Have a sports area

You should learn to encourage your employees to take regular breaks. This will make them feel more refreshed and motivated. The breaks should be taken far from the work desks. Therefore make effort to make a fun and soothing games area where workers can clear their minds for about 10 minutes.

A great idea, you can have a pool table or picnic benches. A pool game will be enough to put smiles in those employees even if it takes 30 minutes. Do note that these tips for a happy, productive workplace only work if you implement them.

Go out together
You should never be too serious or too official in everything. Have fun with the team by taking some nights out or even days. While going out, ensure you only go as a whole team. This enables everyone to have fun and form relationships beyond the desk work. This will, in turn, inspire more collaboration at the workplace. You can try to have some team building activities such as ‘tug of war’.

Cheer friendships

Learn to freely socialize with your coworkers. People who have friends back at work feels more engaged in the work than those who don’t have. Therefore encourage friendships especially after works drinks. Friendships at work also aid in developing a working culture full of love and compassion. The end results are higher levels of fulfillment and teamwork.


We always spend a significant amount of time working in our offices. Therefore the workplace itself is a key to encouraging productivity as well as boosting the atmosphere. Start by ensuring your workplace looks more attractive to make your staff enjoy being at work. It should be interesting as well as conducive for productivity purposes.
Bear in mind your office is the image of your brand. You need to decorate it in harmony with your organization brand. This will enable , employees, to stay in touch with it. For instance, an organization structure on simplicity, anything messy won’t help your team keep in touch with your goals.

Reward small wins

You should never miss recognizing even the smallest efforts played by your team. Rewarding is the key and this will make your team more motivated to work more. Therefore use the progress principle to perfectly celebrate small wins.

Encourage hobbies at work

We all have hobbies which we are passionate about. Therefore it is advisable to let your employees pursue their hobbies for at least half an hour. It releases both tension and stress from your workers. It also offers your staff a noble chance to bond over mutual interest. This will, in turn, encourage productivity while boosting your teams’ mood.