How to test compressed air

Compressed air is the type of air that is kept under high pressure, greater than atmospheric pressure. During the transfer of energy in industrial processes, compressed air is very vital. its uses include breathing gases by deep-sea divers, It is carried in by the divers in high-pressure diving cylinders or can be supplied from the surface at the lower pressure through airlines. In addition, this compressed air can be used in propelling locomotives

The major contaminants of compressed air are solids particles that could be suspended or dissolved, water, oil and even microorganisms. All these contaminants make compressed air unsuitable for the purpose it is intended for, hence the need for a compressed air testing company.

Particle testing is a process performed on compressed air in order to remove all the particles and ensure that it remains as pure as snow. Particle testing method includes lesser particle content and filter collection with microscopy.

Other processes carried out on compressed air include solid particle content removal by mass concentration, particle sampling in a compressed air system, water vapor testing, total oil testing and oil aerosol testing processes Water is also a contaminant in compressed air that occurs through water vapor A compressed air system requires utmost drying because the vapor will begin to condense into liquid in the compressed air system when the system cools down past saturation point.

The moisture that may be present in the compressed air may end up causing operational damages. It may also cause a lot of rusting and wearing out of various industrial equipment. Moisture can also cause an effect on the color applied to the compressed air gadget.

Oils that are also major contaminants in compressed air can be efficiently removed by using a modern fiber filter .the efficiency of this a machine is affected by the concentration of oils in the compressed air system as well as the total amount of freely suspended water

There is a great need to remove all the oil from compressed air in order to keep it as pure as possible.
Medical air purification is also another very vital process carried out in the medically compressed air. Medical air requires to be 100% and free from oil contamination so that it does not affect the users. This air is dried and lowered into dew point at -40 degrees in order to make It qualify for medical uses.

Freely suspended microorganisms in compressed air can be removed through centrifugation that puts gravitational force into use. Yeast bacteria and molds can be very dangerous in compressed air used during industrial processes because they may cause contamination of products during processes such as, mixing material opening packages, controlling cylinders and valves, and also moving goods. It is therefore very essential to eliminate all the microorganisms from compressed air.

In conclusion, the quality of compressed air is essential in preventing contamination of products and avoiding health related hazards.There is, therefore, need to carry out monitoring programs and quality assurance strategies should be put into place worldwide in order to monitor the quality of compressed air.