What is radon testing

Radon testing is done to measure the presence, if any, of radon in your home. Having radon testing Asheville done in your home will ensure if radon is present and keep your family safe. Radon is a very dangerous substance that can cause cancer and other health problems.

Radon is radio active gas which come from natural decays of uranium, found in a lot of soil. This gas comes from the ground to the air, and can get into your house via cracks of the foundation or gaps. A home will then trap radon inside and it can build up to very dangerous levels. Any home new or old can have a radon problem so its important having home tested if you are concerned or have not already had your home tested. With the increased awareness on radon gas and its devastating effects, radon testing has become common among people today. However, people are performing this test regardless of whether they intend to rent or sell the place. In many cases, these results are very helpful to the buyers or tenants of the house.

Generally, repairs such as sealing cracks and openings in the basement floors and walls can be done after radon testing. More often than not, the testing is what enables us to determine whether to settle for plastic sheeting or suction systems for the crawl spaces or the under-basement areas where gas could accumulate. Whichever you settle for, I can assure it will take minimal time to fix the issue.

When you’re building a house for your family, it’s actually wise to test for this gas immediately after laying the foundation. This helps in including resistant features of this gas in the design of the house from the beginning. If you thought that radon testing can only be done by professionals or experts in this field, then you’re wrong. In fact, even you can test for the gas in your home with the help of very easy to use tests kits. They are quite cheap in price and they have a set of instructions that you’ll need to follow. Basically, they are exposed in areas of the house that are low in nature such as the basement and afterward sent to the laboratory for analysis. Results are then sent through the mail. The kits are available in any hardware store or retail shops.

Testing home for radon is a quick and simple process. A certified inspector will come to your home and place some sort of device in the home to determine the levels of radon present. The results are quick and very accurate. Because this gas cannot be seen or smelled it is very important having the home tested. Not only does the gas come from the soil and collect in the air, but it can also be in your water so you want to have your water tested too, especially if an initial test shows levels of radon present in the home. Keeping your family safe is very important so you should have your home tested for radon to ensure safety and health.